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Control Software

Feb. 8, 2010
The Latest in Functionality and Features for Control Software

Advantech's KW Software Multiprog and ProConOS requires only a one-time design, and then can leverage control know-how easily into different control platforms to meet versatile automation projects needs. KW SoftLogic also creates single-tagging database and HMI software, and shares the same tagging database via OPC server under the Windows CE operating system. Multiprog supports all IEC 61131-3 programming languages. Depending on their needs, users may choose one of the five standardized programming languages.

National Instruments
LabView 2009 simplifies the development challenges of parallel hardware architectures with its new virtualization technology that takes advantage of multicore systems, as well as offering new compiler improvements and IP that enhance field-programmable gate array (FPGA) design. The latest version makes it possible to deploy code to wireless sensor networks, and features new solutions for testing multiple wireless standards such as WLAN, WiMAX, GPS and MIMO systems on one hardware platform. Also, LabView 2009 simplifies real-time math by streamlining mathematical algorithm design and deployment to real-time hardware.

SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMEmerson Process Management512/418-7536    The scalable DeltaV SIS safety management system system architecture enables control of any size safety application—with no practical capacity limits. In the new V.11 software release, SISNet Domains allow the system to be geographically and functionaly distributed to reduce wiring costs and optimize performance.
ETHERNET/IP COMPATIBILITYBeckhoff Automation952/890-0000Beckhoff Automation has announced full EtherNet/IP compatibility with TwinCat. By using TwinCat's EtherNet/IP Slave (available in Windows XP and CE variants), one standard TwinCat software package can communicate seamlessly with all devices from Beckhoff, including industrial PCs, embedded PCs, PLCs and EtherNet/IP master devices from other vendors. EtherNet/IP has been fully integrated into the TwinCat programming environment, allowing for graphical linking of mapped data to PLC tasks. TwinCat also supports all major fieldbus networks including DeviceNet, Profibus, SERCOS, CANopen and  Ethernet TCP/IP.
ENHANCED DESIGN AND CONFIGURATIONRockwell Automation414-382-2000    The latest version of RSLogix 5000 software from Rockwell Automation includes more than 30 product enhancements, including support for EtherNet/IP-based CIP motion, unicast I/O, Allen-Bradley ControlLogix L73 and ControlLogix L75 programmable automation controllers, Allen-Bradley GuardLogix L43S and GuardLogix L45S controllers, Allen Bradley Kinetix 6500 E servo drives, Allen Bradley PowerFlex 755 drives, high-integrity AOIs and RSLogix Architect 3.6 software, as well as added controller support and usability, reporting and security features. For details, visit http://tinyurl.com/yh2brtt.

E-RT3 2.0 series of processors features a high-speed RISC processor, a choice of operating systems—VxWorks 6 or Linux—and complete compatibility with existing FA-M3 I/O platforms and CPUs. E-RT3 CPU can run proprietary algorithms or other specialized applications, while allowing the standard logic CPUs to coordinate discrete machine control. With the FA-M3 PAC family, a large selection of I/O modules including discrete, analog, temperature control module, motion or communication modules are available. Also, a mechanism is provided with which users can develop their own I/O modules. 

Experion LS control system provides the power and reliability of a distributed control system (DCS) in a small and flexible solution. Also, it manages all  continuous process control applications, and optimizes sequence-oriented and batch applications typically found at specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and consumer goods producers. Scalable from one PC and controller to multiple stations, Experion LS promotes plant reliability and flexibility while lowering lifecycle costs for smaller manufacturing sites. 

IFIX ON THE WEB GE Intelligent Platforms800/433-2682   GE Intelligent Platforms' Proficy HMI/SCADA—iFix WebSpace is a full-featured web client for the company's iFix visualization solution, which enables informed decisions from anywhere, anytime. iFix WebSpace enables full control and visualization capabilities over a company's intranet or Internet system without the need to change or alter the iFix application. iFix screens and functionality are delivered seamlessly into a web browser, requiring no additional development effort and can be set up within minutes. iFix WebSpace provides real-time data updates, multiple sessions, secure containment, e-signatures,  animations,  support for iFix control elements and security setup, alarms and warnings and third-party applications.
AUTOMATION SOFTWARE UPGRADEOpto22800/321-6786     Opto 22's PAC Project 8.5 is the latest version of the company's flagship automation software suite that includes control programming, HMI development, OPC connectivity and database integration components. In addition, the software supports the company's recently introduced Wired+Wireless controllers and I/O, which allow users to assign IP addresses to the hardware's wireless LAN interface, configure secure encryption, and test wireless signal strength. 
SIEMENS DRIVER + .NET Automated Solutions800/410-4632  Automated Solutions recently added a new Siemens S7 Ethernet driver to its ASComm.NET component for industrial communications. ASComm.NET now implements driver support for Siemens S7 via Ethernet, A-B Logix family of processors via Ethernet, A-B PLC5, SLC500, MicroLogix via Ethernet, Modbus/TCP Master and GE SRTP Ethernet. ASComm.NET is a .NET component that provides the communication link between .NET applications and industrial controllers, PLCs and instrumentation. ASComm.NET provides HMI/SCADA developers and machine builders with a runtime-free option for creating HMI, control and supervisory control applications in Visual Studio.NET. It can be used in Windows, console, service, WPF and web applications. All drivers are self-contained; no third-party driver purchase is required.
REVAMPED HISTORIANCanary Labs814/793 3770    Canary Trend Historian version 8.0 eases the task of collecting, storing, managing and automatically validating vast quantities of time-series data. Available in either a 32-bit or 64-bit versions, it has been redesigned to maximize performance, providing the industry's highest capacities and throughputs. Features include writing performance exceeding 3.6 million updates (TVQs) per second; reading performance exceeding 13 million updates (TVQs) per second. Both 64-bit and 32-bit versions are available. One hundred to 1 million-plus tags are available to accommodate the smallest to the largest systems. It is also OPC-HDA-compliant.
PLOTTING AND ANALYSIS SOFTWAREGivens control Engineering(905) 631-8293     Analyse-Plus allows users to plot and analyze data to make quick conclusions regarding variability and process control, tuning and diagnosing problems with tuning, valves or instrumentation. Analyse-Plus allows plotting individual or over-laid plots with multiple y-axis labels including statistics, zooming, Fourier analysis (frequency and period scales) and auto- and cross-correlation. Data can be imported and exported via DDE Send/Receive or DDE Server or through text files.  
IMAGE CAPTURE FOR LOAD TRACEABILITYAvery Weigh-TronixMI Payload weighing software that stores and presents photographic images to improve validation and traceability within a business. Images of vehicles, drivers and commodities can be stored in the database and presented to an operator during the weighing process. By comparing with live video feeds, the operator is able to identity the person, load and truck, reducing the likelihood of misidentification through operator mistakes or even fraudulent intent. MI Payload also allows the operator to capture the live image and have a permanent visual record of an individual transaction.
NANONAVIGATORPhoenix Contact800/888-7388     The new nanoNavigator 2.0, for use with Phoenix Contact's nanoLine controller, adds relay ladder logic (RLL) programming in addition to the easy-to-program flow chart language in the original version. nanoNavigator 2.0 allows expanded programming flexibility because each project can consist of flowchart and RLL chart sub-projects. These can be composed of any combination of flowcharts or RLL charts up to a maximum of 16 charts. nanoNavigator 2.0 is backwards-compatible with all existing nanoLine base stations as of FW 101. The RLL language is well suited for simple parallel processing tasks, such as lighting control, while flowchart programming offers easier handling of more advanced instructions. nanoNavigator is free to download from www.nanonavigator.com.
EASY BIN MONITORINGMonitor Technologies800-766-6486      SiloTrack material inventory management software provides users with an unsurpassed, easy-to-use and flexible graphical interface for Monitor's continuous bin-level measurement sensors. SiloTrack uses the SiloPatrol SE Model SMU smart cable-based level sensors and/or the Flexar guided wave radar level sensors. SiloTrack monitors up to 128 sensors and displays distance, level, volume, weight, percent, alarm, relay and sensor status. 

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