Carving Up Security...More Online Resources

Nov. 5, 2008
Executive editor Jim Montague Gathers for You Additional Online Security Resources. Check Them Out

ISA Security Standards
ISA99 standard and committee for Industrial Automation and Control System Security

Establishing an Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security Program
An Overview of ISA-99.02.01
Presented at ISA Expo 2008

Security Self Assessment
Control System Self Assessment Tools and Methods
Presented at ISA Expo 2008

Unfettered Blog
Control’s own cybersecurity blog written by cybersecurity expert Joe Weiss.

Applied Control Solutions
Weiss’ Applied Control Solutions and its Control System Cybersecurity Conference

White Papers and Presentations

Invensys Process Systems’ 24x7 Managed Cyber Security for a Process Control Network at Husky Energy’s Lloydminster facility

Honeywell Process Solutions’ Solutions to Meet NERC-CIP Requirements

ARC Advisory Group’s IT Security for Process Control Using Siemens Simatic PCS 7

Cisco’s Secure Access into Industrial Automation and Control Systems—Best Practice and Trends


Carving Up Security
Many process control engineers and IT technicians are still learning to communicate with each other, but some are sitting down to define roles and divvy up security responsibilities to give their applications and organizations some much-needed peace of mind.

Come Together
Integration of plant-floor, building, physical security, and enterprise network means more changes for unauthorized access and more need for intelligent security, cooperation, and training.

Fence Me In
Practical methods for protecting industrial networks

Security Organizations