Online Workplace Training Course Tackles OSHA's Updated Chemical Safety Data Sheet Rules

Oct. 2, 2012
MSDSonline Offering New On-Demand Training Course to Help Companies Train Employees in Time for Fast-Approaching Compliance Deadlines

MSDSonline, the leading provider of sustainable cloud-based EH&S solutions, launches a new online workplace training course entitled "Safety Data Sheets." The course, geared toward employees exposed to hazardous chemicals in the workplace, explores each of the 16 sections that make up OSHA's safety data sheet (SDS) in the GHS format.

"Safety Data Sheets" is the second in a series of three GHS compliance training courses being developed by MSDSonline. It follows MSDSonline's online training course, "Hazard Communication 2012" that covers OSHA's recently updated Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). The third course, to be released soon, will provide a comprehensive exploration of chemical product labeling requirements under GHS.

According to PJ Schoeny, product manager for the MSDSonline workplace training solutions, the new SDS course is a perfect complement to MSDSonline's Hazard Communication 2012 course. "The courses can help safety managers satisfy OSHA's employee training requirement on the new HazCom standard," said Schoeny.

Information about the "Safety Data Sheets" training course is available at, along with a complete listing of all of MSDSonline's workplace safety courses.

Topics covered in the new "Safety Data Sheets" course include:

  • Detailed Hazard Definitions for new Physical and Health Hazards
  • Interactive "SDS Lookup" Exercises
  • GHS Pictogram Mix & Match
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Challenges

More information is available online at and on the official company blog at