Metso DNA Automation System Increases Efficiency, Operational Knowledge and Control

Jan. 16, 2012
Metso's New DNA applications for power generation industries

Metso introduces advanced power plant applications that enhance both efficiency and environmental performance. The Metso DNA automation system has now been strengthened to include new control applications for steam and gas turbines, pulverized coal-fired combustion optimization, and overall machine condition monitoring.

According to Edward Coll, regional vice president for Metso Automation Energy and Process Systems, Metso DNA automation system offers one system for power producers that includes energy management, plant information management, controls for the boiler, turbine and Balance of Plant, as well as safety integrated systems and emissions management.

"The integration of applications for turbine control, protection and management into the Metso DNA automation system provides customers with an easy and cost-efficient method to get all turbine functionality in one common system," Coll said. 

Functions included for turbine control are auto turbine startup, full arc to partial arc transition, MW control, and several protection features, including over-speed and power load imbalance. Further, an operator training simulator and turbine performance monitoring are also available in the integrated DNA package.

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