Seminar Shows How to Keeping Automation Personnel and Facilities Safe

Jan. 11, 2012
ASM Consortium Discusses Best Practices For Safe and Effective Plant Operation

The ASM Consortium recently conducted an Operations Outreach Seminar demonstrating how to keep people and plants safe. The seminar was hosted Paris, France, on Oct. 14, 2011, and it provided attendees with a better understanding of effective abnormal situation management practices in plant operation.

The ASM Consortium's one-day seminar attracted plant and operations leaders, Health Safety Environment (HSE) managers and other industry executives, who were challenged to consider the operations integrity of their plant and identify factors that may be contributing to near misses and abnormal situations. 

ASM member speakers included Jason Laberge, principal scientist, Honeywell Laboratories; Peter Bullemer, senior partner, Human Centered Solutions; and Anand Tharanathan, principal investigator for the ASM.  Presentation topics ranged from safety culture, human factors and procedures, to operator situation awareness, operator competency and alarm management.  Several member organizations also described how they have benefited by deploying ASM practices in their plants. 

To learn more please visit the ASM Consortium's website.