CSIA Launches New Website

Aug. 3, 2012
New Website Designed to Serve as a Resource for Clients of Control System Integrators

The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) has launched a new, enhanced website, designed to serve as a resource for clients of control system integrators, in addition to information for current and prospective members. The website reflects CSIA's expanded mission to educate buyers about the control system integration process, the benefits of retaining CSIA members, and the added security and value CSIA certification brings to control system integration projects.

"Serving control system integrators and raising the bar for successful business management continues to be our primary mission," said Robert Lowe, CSIA's executive director. "Our leadership recognized that raising awareness of control system integration and the value that CSIA membership brings to the end user would ultimately help our members succeed."

Visitors to the new website's home page will be asked to self-select their audience type. One side of the site is written for clients ("end users") who are looking for a solution to their industrial automation needs. The other side is for integrators who are interested in learning more about the association and the benefits CSIA membership affords.

Content for prospective clients of CSIA members includes information about the types of services a control system integrator performs in particular industries, along with case studies related to that industry. Additionally, there is a list of certified members who work in that particular industry. Visitors can search all industries by choosing a menu item that directs them to CSIA's popular "Find an Integrator" search engine.

On the integrator side of the new site, visitors can expect leaner, more focused content written with the no-time-to-waste integrator in mind. News, events and information about best practices and the certification process appear here, along with a link to the CSIA Connected Community, the CSIA's social media site available to all members and registered guests.