Safety Systems Integrator Protects the WGEP Pipeline

June 9, 2011
Hima-Sella provides 20 programmable electronic systems to protect valve stations along the Wilton-Grangemouth Ethylene Pipeline

Safety systems integrator Hima-Sella creates safety solutions for all 20 valve stations along the length of SABIC UK Petrochemicals' 250km Wilton-Grangemouth Ethylene Pipeline (WGEP).

The installations are part of an upgrade program which began in 2010 and includes the replacement of the valve stations' Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and hardwired valve interlocks with a BS EN 61508 safety system.

At the valve stations, located in remote areas, a number of parameters are monitored including valve positions, upstream and downstream pressures, temperatures, cathodic protection, battery charger status and product flows. Hima-Sella's solution for localised safety within each valve station is the HIMA HIMatrix F35 Programmable Electronic System (PES), which has 8 analogue inputs, 24 digital inputs, eight digital outputs, three Fieldbus ports and four configurable Ethernet ports.

All 20 PESs for the WGEP upgrade were programmed by Hima-Sella, using HIMA’s IEC 61131-3-compliant ELOP II software tool.