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2010 Automation Professionals and Their Salaries

Feb. 19, 2010
It's That Time of the Year Again. Time to Take the Pulse of the Process Automation Industry. Want to Know What Fellow Engineers Are Being Paid? How Do You Stand in the Automation Professional World? Participate in Control's 2010 Salary Survey and Find Out

It's that time of the year again––time to take the pulse of the process automation industry.

How much are your fellow engineers being paid and how hard do they have to work to get it? Want to see how your salary, benefits, raise and bonus––if any–– compare to others with the same experience and training as you? Do you want to know how many colleagues are facing mergers, outsourcing, expanding job descriptions, technology shifts, and shrinking resources? How's your job holding up during the current economic storm? Are things better or worse for you now?

We at Control would like to know. That's why we'd greatly appreciate your participation in our 2010 salary survey, which will report on overall compensation levels and other issues important to you and your peers in the process industries. It's very simple, straightforward, and it shouldn't take you more than three minutes to complete.

Here's your chance to weigh in on what the process automation job market looks like to you.

This survey is now closed