IPS gets China nuclear power plant contract

Jan. 21, 2009

Plano, Texas, January 20 - Invensys Process Systems (IPS) has announced it has been chosen to develop and implement four large-scale, fully digitized nuclear control rooms, equipped with the latest simulation technologies, critical control and safety systems, for two new nuclear power plant sites in China. The agreement is worth approximately US $250 million.

In a drive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and its reliance on coal-generated power, China has raised the target for nuclear capacity in its power mix to 5 percent by 2020. The Fuqing and Fangjiashan nuclear power projects, which are a part of this push to increase capacity, are located in Fuijan and Zhejiang provinces, respectively. Under the purview of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), the two projects, each of which will have two 1GW plants, are contracted by China Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation (CNPE). The plants will be jointly designed by China Nuclear Power Operation Technology Corporation (CNPO).

IPS will provide an integrated technology platform for both safety (1E) and control systems, using its industry-leading Triconex and Foxboro I/A Series products. The IPS solution also includes an advanced Reactor Protection System (RPS) utilizing functional software and hardware diversity. With these IPS innovations, the new nuclear plants will boast the most advanced, fully digitized nuclear control and safety environment available.

“The evaluation committee conducted a long and extensive evaluation process with extremely stringent criteria and we are glad to have selected IPS as our long-term, key technology partner,” said a spokesperson for the evaluation committee. “During the evaluation process, IPS demonstrated global expertise that China can tap into as we accelerate our technology transfer program. IPS also has technologically advanced integrated solutions capabilities, as well as proven implementation methodologies and processes. In summary, they ranked high in all the key factors we look for in a long-term strategic technology partner. As China speeds up nuclear power expansion and increases clean energy capabilities, we are confident that IPS will continue to provide the world-class automation solutions and expertise that will allow us to optimize these systems and make them safer.”

“We are pleased to enter into this strategic relationship with China and to partner with CNPE to help increase China’s capacity for clean power generation,” said Ulf Henriksson, Chief Executive Officer of Invensys plc. “We are confident this long-term partnership will contribute to the timely deployment of the new digitized nuclear power plants in China. We will utilize an integrated solution that combines our deep industry knowledge and our leading safety and control systems to create a safe, reliable and efficient nuclear power capability for China. We also believe that IPS’ century of innovation, integrated solutions capabilities, global presence, and technology transfer programs will contribute greatly to the acceleration of nuclear power plant deployment across Western Europe, the United States and Asia.”