Fisher control valves first to be SIL3-certified to IEC 61508

June 12, 2008

Austin, Texas — Emerson Process Management has received SIL 3 certification of several ranges of its Fisher valves to IEC 61508 standards. Emerson is the first control valve manufacturer to have achieved this independent third-party certification, which eliminates the need for prior-use methodology while proving that Emerson’s design process, engineering and testing fully comply with IEC 61508. This certification enables users to boost plant availability and safety by using Fisher GX, Vee-ball, easy-e and HP valves in safety instrumented systems in up to SIL 3 loops, per IEC 61508.

The four control valve ranges have been certified by independent third-party safety professionals EXIDA for on/off operation within a SIL 3 safety instrumented function. The valves can be packaged with the already successful SIL 3-certified Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6000 SIS digital valve controller that enhances the safety function and monitors the health of the entire final control assembly, a core component of Emerson’s smart SIS complete safety loop offering.

Fisher valves are components of Emerson’s smart SIS safety management solution, an extension of the company’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture. Emerson’s smart SIS provides an integrated approach to complete safety loops — from sensor to logic solver to final control element. The smart SIS system components include the Fisher- certified valves or SIL-PAC final control solution with FIELDVUE DVC6000 SIS, plus Rosemount- and MicroMotion-certified and proven-in-use devices, the DeltaV SIS system, and the AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager.