Emerson SIS engineers are first to be certifiied by TUV to IEC 61511

Jan. 27, 2006
Certification applies to worldwide engineering of the company’s smart safety instrumented systems with DeltaV safety instrumented system logic solvers, sensors and valves.
THE TÜV organization has certified that all of the engineering work done by safety instrumented systems (SIS) engineers from Emerson Process Management consistently meets the requirements of the IEC 61511 global standard for functional safety in the process industries.

Certification applies to all worldwide engineering of Emerson’s unique smart SIS that extends the innovations of PlantWeb digital architecture to enable customers to implement safer process plants and facilities. DeltaV safety instrumented systems use information from the intelligent field devices within the PlantWeb architecture. Comprising 16-channel modular logic solvers, the DeltaV SIS system can be deployed in distributed fashion to perform programmable electronic system functions for virtually any process safety need.

The DeltaV logic solvers are the heart of Emerson's smart SIS total-loop safety approach. In addition to the DeltaV SIS systems, the smart SIS solutions integrate Emerson’s Fisher digital valve controllers, Rosemount temperature and pressure transmitters, and Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters.

The Emerson European engineering group was the first in the world to meet the IEC 61511 standard, followed by their colleagues in the Americas and Asia Pacific.

“We determined at the outset of our SIS program that we would have one standard, worldwide for our engineering groups working on safety instrumentation systems,” said Phill Turner, Emerson's SIS project operations manager. “Today, all of our SIS engineering personnel follow the same TÜV certified processes. No matter where in the world a project is, it will be implemented to the new IEC 61511 safety standard.”