Video provides vital safety information

Sept. 2, 2005
New video from Schneider Electric provides vital safety informatin about industrial electrical safety.

Schneider Electric's North American Operating Division has released a video titled, "It's a Matter of Your Safety," and is distributing it to plant facility managers, trainers of electrical workers and others who can help prevent electrical hazards.

The 17-minute video's three objectives are to demonstrate how potentially dangerous electrical hazards can be to equipment and human life, the importance of properly de-energizing a circuit before you do any repair work or perform any job function, and to address situations where work on an energized electrical circuit may be required.

"Safety is the priority at Schneider Electric," said David Petratis, president and CEO of Schneider Electric's North American Operating Division. "All accidents are preventable if we start our jobs with safety in mind. Schneider Electric manufactures products to use electricity productively and safely. Electrical workers are our partners in this journey."

While the video talks about the dangers of electrical shock, it focuses much attention on arc flash explosions. The video demonstrates how an arc flash explosion is caused by the release of energy when an electric arc forms between two energized parts, or energized part and ground. The graphic displays of the actual explosion show the importance of safety to avoid such catastrophes.

The video also features 10 steps to take regarding the assurance of an electrically safe position. These tips include:

  • Completing and communicating a detailed job plan
  • Identifying all potential sources of energy from a one-line drawing or other reliable document
  • Calculating the available fault current for each source
  • Selecting properly rated personal protective equipment per NFPA 70E guidelines
  • Wearing personal protective equipment before performing any task
  • Interrupting the load circuit
  • Opening the disconnecting device for each source on both line and load sides
  • Applying locks and tags on each disconnect per OSHA requirements
  • Verifying that the circuit is de-energized using a properly rated and tested voltage detector
  • Applying ground-connecting devices per NEC and NFPA guidelines as necessary

The safety video concludes with a message to persons who can help control and prevent electrical hazards in the workplace to pursue training, implement safety practices, enforce safety policies, stay informed as to updated safety guidelines and never take for granted that the system has been de-energized.

A copy of the video may be ordered free of charge by calling the Schneider Electric Customer Literature Fulfillment Center at 1-800-888-2448. Internet users may also order the video by logging on to, and typing in document number 0100EP0501.