Alarm management solution to be IndustrialIT Enabled

July 16, 2005

ABB AND MATRIKON have announced that Matrikon’s ProcessGuard alarm management solution will be an IndustrialIT Enabled product. IndustrialIT Enabled products ensure compliance with ABB’s System 800xA’s automation and information architecture.

IndustrialIT Enabled certification verifies plug and produce integration of value added 3rd party software and hardware with Extended Automation System 800xA. In addition to Matrikon’s ProcessGuard alarm management, certified integrations for SAP, IFS and MRO maintenance systems and Meriam Technologies device management system also enhance 800xA’s robust Asset Management capabilities.

Matrikon’s alarm management suite, ProcessGuard, collects and archives real-time alarms and events from all control systems. ProcessGuard includes alarm analysis tools that identify and address alarm and operational issues that are linked to process and equipment problems.

Benefits associated with alarm management are safer operations, sustainability and improved environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance.

The integration of ProcessGuard with System 800xA provides customers with a comprehensive tool to achieve significant efficiency gains in the following areas:

  • Engineering: Up to 50% savings on initial configuration and cost of ownership of Alarm Analysis solution with System 800xA.
  • Operations: Reduction of nuisance alarms to operations of 10% beyond that of typical standalone alarm analysis offerings resulting in more reliable process and equipment operations.
  • Maintenance: Increased efficiency of root cause analysis by 20% through System 800xA’s single window environment for DCS and alarm analysis data. Matrikon’s ProcessGuard will provide System 800xA users with the ability to identify and eliminate nuisance alarms, operate closer to optimum performance levels, proactively identify equipment problems, reveal root causes and areas for improvement and increase alarm integrity.

"Our joint efforts with ABB are very exciting given the large mutual client base that we share, and we look forward to participating in ABB’s IndustrialIT Technology Partner program,” stated Jeff Gould, Manager of Matrikon’s Alarm Management Solutions. “What’s more exciting is that the benefits of alarm management will be greater, and easier to realize for mutual or prospective ABB System 800xA and Matrikon ProcessGuard users.”