CombustionONE: Improving and Sustaining the Combustion Asset Driven by the New Standards

Feb. 7, 2011
CombustionONE -- Improving and Sustaining the Fired Heater Asset

Managing Combustion

Fired heaters have inherent risk and are generally operating at less than optimum efficiency. CombustionONE by Yokogawa dramatically increases the efficiency of fired heaters while improving their margin of safety. The integrated combustion management system combines new gas combustion measurement and control technologies into one solution that improves fired heater performance and life.

CombustionONE Functional Overview

CombustionONE simultaneously controls both the air and fuel supply to fired heaters by measuring average gas concentrations across the radiant section. Measuring a cross section average concentration of combustion gases, such as O2 and CO, has only recently been available through the use of the Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLS). The CombustionONE solution incorporates a TDLS analyzer with a dedicated control system and a safety system that is certified to meet FM NFPA and SIL 2 standards. The four principal capabilities include:

  • Gas Concentration Measurement Using TDLS technology in the radiant section
  • Process Control Controlling fuel flow and air volumes
  • Safety System Preventing unsafe conditions from persisting
  • Sensing and Actuation Measuring air flow at multiple locations

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