Littelfuse's SB6100 Industrial Shock-Block GFCI and EGFPD are the First to Meet UL 943C Class C and D Requirements

May 23, 2013
First UL Listed Industrial GFCI from Littelfuse Protects Workers

Littelfuse's SB6100 Series Industrial Shock-Block GFCI meets UL 943C Class C and Class D requirements. These GFCI devices operate by sensing a ground fault and opening the circuit very quickly. However, residential GFCI devices are too sensitive to operate in industrial applications without nuisance tripping. The UL 943C standard covers such GFCI devices, designed to be used with systems up to 600V and higher leakage current higher than residential GFCI devices. Some of the included features enabled the Littelfuse Shock-Block GFCI to pass rigorous UL tests. The devices have a set 20mA trip level, which is set by the UL943 standard. The ground fault protection devices (EGFPD) have the same functionality as a GFCI but offer adjustable trip settings from 6mA to 30mA for added flexibility. Both models have voltage ratings range from 208 to 600 V and are rated at 100 A.

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