Ultra Electronics' Multi-Channel Contact Closures

July 30, 2012
A New Line of Fiber Optic Multi-Channel Contact Closures, Designed to Convert Up to 10 Contact Closure Inputs Into Fiber Optic Signals

Ultra Electronics' new line of fiber optic Multi-Channel Contact Closures is designed to convert up to 10 contact closure inputs (switches, relays, etc.) into fiber optic signals for transmission over a single fiber optic link. Each of the transmit modules includes two inputs and is capable of multiplexing up to 10 inputs by cascading additional dual channel input modules. An integrated backplane allows for communications between modules with no external intermodular connection. Power to all modules is derived from any standard EOTec 2000 Power Supply Module through the integrated BUS connector, or from an external 24 Vdc source supplied directly to the transceiver module. New models carry CE, Class I, Div 2, Groups A, B, C and D certifications. ATEX Zone-2, Category 3.

For more information on the EOTec 2000 Multi-Channel Contact Closures visit www.ultra-nspi.com