SEL's Wireless Serial Adapters

Sept. 24, 2012
Protect Personnel and Equipment With Award-Winning BLUETOOTH Serial Adapters From SEL

The SEL-2924 and SEL-2925 bluetooth serial adapters provide secure wireless links to remote laptops and smartphones, reducing exposure to harsh and dangerous environments for technicians and engineers. By installing a wireless SEL serial adapter on a serial port, personnel can communicate exactly as if they were connected with a serial cable. They avoid having to enter a hazardous or crowded area, suiting up in arc-flash protective clothing, diverting traffic, or introducing tripping hazards. Both serial adapters are always secure from cyber intrusion, using BLUETOOTH v2.1 + EDR security, and require an 8- to 16-character encryption PIN. SEL-2925 bluetooth serial adapters are designed for permanent installation on the serial port of a meter, protective relay, controller, or other device, enabling wireless access over 100 meters (>300 feet). SEL-2924 Portable luetooth serial adapters are ideal for temporary use and include rechargeable batteries to support operation for over 8 hours without other sources of power. The SEL-2924 can communicate over 10 meters (>32 feet).

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