Thermo Electron

March 24, 2006
X-Ray inspection system detects product contaminants
X-ray Inspection SystemGoring Kerr PROx X-ray inspection system detects metal, glass, stone, bone, plastic, wire and other dense contaminants in virtually any packaged or bulk food product, as well as pumped products. The system provides brand protection against defects including product assembly errors. The X-ray sensing system and image analysis software provides actionable information that can track and improve the manufacturing process. The system operates over a wide temperature range and is IP65 wash-down compliant. It has a large, color touch-screen employing an intuitive icon-based graphical interface. Models include a conveyor system for packaged products; a bulk flow system with 1/2/4 lane operation to minimize scrapped product; and a pipeline system for liquids and slurries. The conveyor system is also available in a new small size, low cost, entry-level configuration.