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Highlights from ROKLive 2021

July 14, 2021

Plex, Fiix acquisitions bridging IT and OT

Blake Moret, Rockwell Automation Chairman and CEO, explains how the acquisitions of Plex Systems and Fiix will help companies bring IT and OT together during the June 29 keynote address of ROKLive 2021. Read more.

Sustainability’s good for business, too

Executives from Sealed Air, Case Controls and West Virginia Water Research Institute discuss their stories of successful sustainability and business, with Rockwell Automation's Allie Schwertner, sustainability and energy leader at Rockwell. Read more.

Insights driving industry innovation

Andrew Ellis, Rockwell Automation’s director of global information solution technical consultants, explained the connection between insight and innovation and showed how digital technologies make it easier to access, understand and leverage critical information. Read more.

Resilience against supply chain shocks

"The past year and a half have been challenging in many dimensions for us and our clients both personally and professionally,” said Chad Markle, principal and global director of Kalypso, a Rockwell Automation company and digitalization services provider. “We continue to face shocks to our own supply chains." Markle presented three key ways Rockwell Automation and Kalypso are helping customers with their supply chain challenges. Read more.

Cloud suite to unify manufacturing apps

Rockwell Automation's new FactoryTalk Hub is a product suite designed to enable industrial customers across the industrial lifecycle with cloud-enabled SaaS products driven by simplicity as the top objective. Anoop Mohan, managing director of cloud services at Rockwell Automation provided a preview of what's available and what's to come. Read more.

Edge transforming to perform securely

“The edge is transforming, including the devices, the connectivity of those devices, and where computing capability needs to sit." Kris Dornan, Rockwell Automation marketing manager for machine, process and safety controllers, explained how the company bundles hardware, software and connectivity technologies to create scalable edge solutions. Read more.

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