Live from Emerson Exchange Immerse 2023

Oct. 5, 2023
The latest news and insights from Emerson Exchange Immerse 2023.

Day 1

How Biogen, Syzygy and Tesla unleash automation

Tesla’s Chuck Fortner was one of the keynote headliners who shared how industry is partnering with Emerson to accelerate innovation and transformation at this week’s Emerson Exchange Immerse event in Anaheim, Calif. Read more.

Thermo Fisher advances gene therapy with DeltaV automation

Prajakta Bhanap of Thermo Fisher Scientific discussed the company’s creation of Cellmation, a digital solution that dramatically streamlines the manufacture of cell therapies. Read more.

The Boundless Automation toolkit

Emerson’s Claudio Fayad led a press briefing on the company’s latest innovations in the field, at the edge and in the cloud. Read more.

PureCycle’s ‘born digital’ platform builds its future

PureCycle Technologies’ Ronetta Bagby shared how the company is using Emerson’s DeltaV control technologies to rapidly scale its innovative polypropylene recycling process. Read more.

Day 2

Past innovations power a boundless future

Emerson’s Vidya Ramnath, together with Nathan Pettus, put the company’s Boundless Automation vision into the context of past innovations during a keynote address at Emerson Exchange Immerse this week in Anaheim, Calif. Read more.    

New small-batch Genentech plant relies on Emerson controls

Valspec’s Nimit Amipara, together with Genentech’s Tiffany Button, discussed the ambitious new validation processes that trimmed plant completion from five or more years to only two and a half. Read more.

Panelists share how OT can leverage the cloud

Expert panelists from Intel, Microsoft, Emerson and AspenTech offered an assemblage of operational technology professionals’ advice on how to best take advantage of the capabilities offered by the cloud at this week’s Emerson Exchange Immerse. Read more.

FujiFilm fast-tracks America’s largest cell culture CDMO

Jacob Grønnegaard of FujiFilm Diosynth Biotechnologies discussed how the company’s unique cloning processes dramatically reduce project execution time, effort and expense at this week’s Emerson Exchange Immerse. Read more.

GSK Hamilton’s digital twin journey

GlaxoSmithKline’s Levi Merkel discussed the many beneficial uses of an operator training simulator—many of which have nothing to do with operators. Read more.

Day 3

Automation, digitalization to power sustainability innovations

Emerson’s Mike Train and Peter Zornio discussed automation's role in achieving industry’s sustainability transformation—and drew a laugh from the crowd as brothers Jake and Elwood “Green”, recycled monikers from past musical cameos as the Blues Brothers. Read more.

Bayer rolls out a ‘one-stop shop’ to manage asset health

Experitec’s Joel Holmes, together with Bayer’s Derek Ybarra, discussed strides Bayer has made to move from reactive to preventive and predictive maintenance of its instrumentation assets. Read more.

AI likely to augment humans, not replace them

Intel’s Rita Wouhaybi together with co-panelists from Microsoft, AspenTech and Emerson, discussed the rapidly evolving capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and the role it will play in plant automation. Read more.

Novo Nordisk debottlenecks with Emerson’s RTMS software

Novo Nordisk’s Mikael Johansen discussed how real-time management system software helped to dramatically improve unit productivity and process operations. Read more.

CPS Energy modernizes SCADA to transform gas distribution

Alex Solis of CPS Energy discussed how the nation’s largest municipal utility boosted the performance and reliability of its gas distribution system. Read more.

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