Industrial Ethernet modem

The new analog V.92 Ethernet modem from Phoenix Contact makes remote servicing and diagnostics of distant network devices as simple as dialing into an Internet connection.  Ethernet control systems and operation panels anywhere in the world can be controlled remotely via a modem and a telephone line. The modem establishes a connection using the Point-to-Point protocol with 128-bit password encryption and continuous re-authentication via CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol). This prevents unauthorized access. Carrying out servicing and diagnostic tasks locally on remote/distant network devices saves time and money. The device features high-grade electrical isolation and integrated surge voltage protection, which helps to ensure interference-free operation even under severe EMC conditions. The modem’s integrated automatic “sleep” function saves battery life. Its wide power supply range makes it suitable for many applications. Plug-and-play and web-based management enable quick and easy setup. This Ethernet modem can operate worldwide on public telephone networks.

Product Type:
Wire & Cable
Phoenix Contact