WAGO's 758 Series IPC Modules

758 Series IPCs offers a comprehensive solution for machine/process control, redundant networking and applications requiring high-speed data collection. The IPC modules employ a 1.4 GHz CPU, up to 256 MB of RAM and 512 MB of Flash to effectively transfer data from the shop floor to decision-makers on the top floor. PC-style features include two independent Ethernet ports, two USB ports for computer hardware, and an integrated web server for configuration, testing and retrieval of technical information. PLC functions include programming in all five IEC 61131-3 languages (via WAGO-I/O-PRO CAA tool), on-board digital I/O interface with watchdog and an optional fieldbus master (or slave) interface. 758 Series IPCs employ a battery-backed real-time clock. Higher-level IPC modules offer built-in HMI and OPC server. The series offers direct connectivity to the 300+ digital, analog and specialty I/O modules in the WAGO-I/O-System for customized control and communication solutions.

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