Brooks Instrument's Digital Communication

The 4800 Series mass flowmeters and mass flow controllers now offer, in addition to analog and RS232 communications, Profibus or RS485, which is delivered in a small field-installable module that mounts directly on top of the 4800 Series device. The 4800 Series with Profibus supports both DPV0 cyclic and DPV1 acyclic data communication. It has a standard 9-pin female D-connector for signal and an M5 connector for power. Baud rates from 9,600 up to 12 M are supported. The 4800 Series with RS485 has a physical layer with proprietary "S-Protocol" based on the HART command set. It has a standard 15-pin male D-connector for signal and power. Baud rates from 1,200 to 38.4K are supported.
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