Mersen's Surge-Trap Type 1 X-Series SPDs

Mersen introduces its series line of UL 1449 third edition approved surge protection devices (SPDs), the Surge-Trap Type 1 X-Series SPDs, which provide overvoltage protection for all locations in the facility with the smallest footprints available.

The new series includes the Surge-Trap STXR series, which provides over voltage protection for distribution branch panels, control panels and equipment. The advanced performance Surge-Trap STXP series provides over voltage protection for larger distribution panels and branch panels. And, the Surge-Trap STXT series which offers advanced technology surge protection and provides high end protection for critical locations and service entrance gear.

The Surge-Trap® Type 1 X-Series SPDs are rated for NEMA 4X enclosures and suited for system voltages from 120V to 600V. They have a 20kA (In) nominal discharge current and high 200kA SCCR ratings. Agency approvals include UL 1449 third edition, IEC 61643, CE, ANSI/IEEE C62.41 (XR-series), RoHS compliant, and UL 96A lightening protection master label.

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Circuit Protection