Pentair's Series 223 and 224 Card-Lok Retainers

Pentair Technical Products announces Calmark® brand Series 223 and 224 Card-Lok Retainers, designed to secure board module assemblies to the cold wall in cold plate - heat exchanger applications—with no torque wrench required. Card-Lok Retainers employ a screw-actuated wedge action that locks the board module assembly in place with the use of a standard hex wrench, establishing the secure hold required for military two-level maintenance systems. Five audible clicks during tightening indicate that a safe, yet firm clamping force has been reached. This torque-limiting design applies no insertion and extraction force on board module assemblies, eliminating the risk of overtightening to prevent damage to the board and Card-Lok during installation.

Available in 5.72 mm x 6.60 mm (.225 in. x .260 in., Series 223) and 5.33 mm x 6.99 mm (.210 in. x .275 in., Series 224) profiles, Card-Lok Retainers feature a five-piece design that provides a clamping force of up to 350 lbs. This arrangement optimizes contact between thermal paths on the board module assembly and heat-sinking surface, establishing maximum thermal transfer for reliable electronics cooling. An alignment spring returns wedge bodies to the related position upon unclamping, keeping wedges in line for tight tolerance situations.

Product Type:
Cordsets & Connectors
Pentair Technical Products