Invensys' Eurotherm PenGUIn HMI

Invensys Eurotherm PenGUIn HMI features a powerful combination of monitoring, control and communication capabilities that help achieve productivity excellence. Besides the standard functionality, the PenGUIn machine-HMI line also includes protocol conversion, port sharing and web server capability, all of which are easily configured and managed by the GUIcon software package.

PenGUIn comes in four screen sizes: 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches and 15 inches. It is also equipped with up to six serial ports and two ethernet ports and is capable of managing up to 13 different protocols simultaneously. These can be selected from an extensive list of more than 200 protocols via GUIcon software. Optional communication cards are also available, including: CAN, DeviceNET, ProfiBUS, GSM and RS232/485.

The built-in web and e-mail server allows remote monitoring, remote program modifications, diagnostics and alarm notifications. This significantly reduces maintenance or servicing costs, and recipes can be locally stored and accessed using optional CF memory cards.