General Monitors' IR700 Infrared Carbon Dioxide Point Detector

The model IR700 features a precision IR point sensing element that offers reliable protection against the hazards of carbon dioxide gas leaks. The IR700 features a true fail-to-safe design for dependable gas detection performance, heated optics to eliminate condensation, and a dirty optics indicator informs the user the device must be cleaned before the lenses are entirely blocked, thereby reducing downtime. The detector also features microprocessor-based technology to continuously monitor CO2 at a range of 0-5000 ppm. All of the model IR700's electronics are contained within a rugged, explosion-proof housing so that detector information can be processed at the point of detection. It features multiple communication outputs, a 4-20 mA signal proportional to 0-100% full-scale, Modbus, and HART.  The IR700 is also available with relays for warning, alarm, and faults.

Infrared Carbon Dioxide Point Detector Specs


  • No routine calibration required
  • True fail-to-safe operation
  • Multiple communication outputs
  • Event logging
  • Heated optics
  • Dirty optics indicaton
  • Wireless Capability

Download the specifications brochure to learn the beneits of the detector

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General Monitors