Invensys' Eurotherm nanodac Recorder/Controller

The latest version of Eurotherm nanodac recorder/controller includes three important updates that link the device more closely with the Invensys' InFusion Enterprise Control system. The updates include greater storage flexibility for longer local data archiving, 'Store & Forward' data retrieval, and connectivity to the Invensys' Wonderware Historian for easier restoration, reporting and analysis. The nanodac recorder/controller is ideal as a local historian to third-party equipment, but can also be utilized as a stand-alone device. It interfaces directly with the Wonderware Historian, providing a unique combination of secure, hardware-based local data acquisition and storage, along with powerful information, analysis and reporting software. With 50 megabytes of flash memory for data storage, as well as an on-screen help system and remote viewing functionality, the device allows plant-floor operators and supervisors to monitor and discuss the health of their process from virtually anywhere, creating a fully empowered workforce that can use real-time operating information to make better operating and business decisions.

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Remote Terminal Units
Invensys Eurotherm