Ultra Electroncis' Nuclear Qualified Pressure Transmitters

Ultra Electronics offers a new, Class 1E nuclear qualified differential pressure transmitter, designed for use in harsh nuclear power applications. The instruments are Class 1E qualified to IEEE 323-1974 and IEEE 344-1987. The DTN2070 transmitter contains only analog electronics, utilizing a diaphragm isolated direct coupled strain gauge pressure sensor capsule. The DTN2070 transmitter is updated to meet the most stringent environmental requirements of Gen III+ reactors for harsh operating environments and post accident monitoring applications inside containment.  The DTN2070 has undergone its own complete seismic and environmental qualification.  It is suitable for replacement of obsolete or underperforming pressure transmitters at existing nuclear power stations.

Features include advanced thin film metal strain gauge sensor technology, all stainless steel housings. Seismically qualified stainless steel mounting brackets, loop powered 2 wire, 4-20 mA operation, ¼-inch NPT process connections, and dustproof/waterproof construction.

CG1310 Ultra DP
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