Supercritical Fluid Technologies' Improved SFT-150 Supercritical Fluid Extraction System

Developed to investigate the application of supercritical fluid techniques to various analyses and processing situations, the Supercritical Fluid Technologies' Improved  Supercritical Fluid Extraction System SFT-150 SFE is a full capability, research-grade extractor. The SFT-150 is a versatile SFE, providing an excellent platform for process development.

One new and important upgrade to the SFT-150 is a fully integrated waterless chilling technology to cool the CO2 liquid prior to pumping.  External cooling baths are no longer required. A new back pressure regulator for very precise CO2 flow control is another improvement. 

The SFT-150 SFE’s modular design makes it easy and cost effective to alter the basic configuration, adapting it to meet new or evolving application needs. The SFT-150’s stainless steel vessel is capable of containing supercritical fluids at pressures up to 10,000 psi. The SFT-150 may be configured with hand-tight sample vessels ranging in capacity from 100 ml to 2 liters. Vessels are user interchangeable for maximum versatility. In addition, an optional co-solvent module can be added to the SFT-150.

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Loop Controllers
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