The WORM from Moore Industries

The WORM from Moore Industries boldly goes where no rigid sensor has gone before. Flexible temperature sensors are the new frontier in accurate temperature measurements and easy maintenance. The WORM’s mission is to fit nearly everywhere, to be quickly cut to the correct length, and to reduce the number of spare parts a plant has to keep on hand. The WORM is a flexible sensor for thermowell temperature assemblies. It was designed to replace restrictive, rigid, straight sensor probes with a universal strategy that saves time and money.

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Watch and learn how a flexible temperature sensor can ease installation and save costs! This is a Temperature Sensor technology demo featuring industry analyst Peter Welander. The demo features the advantages of flexible Thermocouple and RTD sensors. The specific product featured is the WORM Flexible Temperature Sensor from Moore Industries.
CG1408 Moore Worm
Measurement & Sensing
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Moore Industries