TURCK's High-Speed Q25 Inductive Linear Sensor

The high-speed Q25 inductive linear sensor has an internal measuring frequency that is user-selectable and can be as high as 5 kHz. This results in accurate measuring speeds of 5 meters per second. The high measuring frequency allows the Q25 to provide real time monitoring and measuring. The linear sensors do not require a magnetic position device and are unaffected by metal debris commonly found in many industrial applications. The Q25 high speed inductive linear sensors are a very compact design as compared to other designs based on magnetostrictive technologies. TURCK offers the Q25 in 10 standard measuring lengths starting at 100 mm with 100 mm increments up to 1,000 mm. The Q25 has extremely short blind zones of only 29 mm on each side, is IP67 rated along with a wide temperature range of -25 to 70°C.

CG1403 Turck Q25sensor
Measurement & Sensing
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