AutomationDirect's interlocking safety switch offering

AutomationDirect's safety products offering includes additional interlocking safety switches. IDEM's INCH and MK1 series of miniature tongue interlock safety switches are designed to fit leading edge, hinged or lift-off machine guards; available shaft hinge interlock switches are designed to fit edge-hinged gates. With a very compact 16.5mm to 18mm or 16.5mm to 22mm mounting profile, rotating heads with dual actuator entry and force guided normally-closed contacts, switches are available with plastic or stainless steel housings and with M16, M12 quick disconnect or half-inch NPT threaded connections. HC series shaft hinge interlock switches feature solid or hollow shafts and two normally-closed slow action contacts or one normally-open contact and one normally-closed slow action, make before break contact.

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CG1509 AutoDir InterlockingSwitch
Operator Interface Hardware
Product Type:
Buttons & Switches