AutomationDirect's thermal management and climate control Stego enclosures

AutomationDirect’s line of Stego enclosure heaters are touch-safe, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) convection and fan heaters that are used to prevent the formation of condensation and provide evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosures. The newly added compact IP54-rated PTC heaters, feature an anodized aluminum body and are available with heating capacities ranging from 5W to 13W.

Stego explosion-proof convection heaters ( I/IP6X-rated heaters) are available in 50W and 100W heating capacity models, have a large convection surface and are DIN rail-mountable.

Stego compact high-performance fan heaters are offered in 500W to 700W heating capacities and feature a space-saving, flat design with built-in overheat protection.

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Industrial Enclosures
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