Advantech Apax-5580 control IPC

Apax-5580 control IPC has many communication ports, such as GbE, USB 3.0, mPCIe and serial ports. The computer allows users to choose their microprocessor, including Intel Celeron 1.6 GHz/Core i3 or 1.7 GHz/Core i7. It also has 4GB DDR3 memory, two GbE ports, one RS-232/485/422 port, one mSATA connector, two SD slots, two mini PCIe slots, dual power input, UPS support, and a 10-year lifetime RTC battery. With integrated supporting modules, Apax-5580 can connect to COM and CANbus devices. An APAX-5435 iDoor module allows users to add functions such as fieldbus. APAX-5340 battery modules allow continuous operation for up to two hours in case of a power failure.

APAX 5580control
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