E-T-A's Module 18plus power distribution system

The 18Plus is a compact wiring solution for all DC 24V load cables and signal lines - no matter if it is for decentralized power distribution or for centralized plant concepts. It is designed with push-in technology for DIN rail mounting and provides panel builders with: modularity, flexibility and efficiency. The 18Plus power distribution system consists of three basic 13 mm wide components: the 18plus-EM supply module, the 18plus-AM connection module for accommodating single pole circuit breakers (ESS30, ESX10-, ESX10-S, 2210-S) as well as the 18plus-SM signalling module with a green LED for indicating the “OK” condition of the aux. circuit. This architecture allows users to configure a power distribution system that directly meet the needs of his application (up to 30 sockets, 80A total distribution load and max 20A per individual load).

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This video shows how the modular power distribution system gives users the ability to customize the number of sockets and type of circuit breaker and technology.

Learn more about E-T-A's Module 18plus power distribution system by downloading this spec sheet.

CG1603 ETA 18Plus
Power Distribution
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