SoftPLC Corp. IoTPAC programmable automation controller

IoTPAC programmable automation controller (PAC) with embedded, virtual HMI combines the power of SoftPLC's open architecture PACs with an embedded Linux version of its IoTView Web Studio SCADA software. IoTPAC reduces equipment and maintenance cost, energy use. and control panel size compared to traditional PLC/HMI control systems or combined PLC/HMI products. Any SoftPLC PAC can become an IoTPAC with the addition of the embedded IoTView software. A memory based driver allows the virtual HMI to read/write to the SoftPLC PAC data table. Any PC, tablet, or smart phone can be used as the operator interface, whether connected by hard-wire, wirelessly, or over the internet.

IoTPAC's other features include: programmable logic control for I/O devices from hundreds of vendors; local data and event logging over a network or to a cloud database; alarming via text message or email; HTML5 virtual HMI to monitor/control the PAC and connected devices via any web browser; read/write to remote databases; read/write to cloud-based TagWell platform; communication to PLC's, drives, PC's on Ethernet, serial and industrial networks; and embedded firewall/VPN for security.

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