Otek Corp. Universal Panel Meter

Universal Panel Meter (PM) is the companion to New Technology Meter (NTM), and it becomes a data logger if ordered with optional 32 GB memory. UPM can also be used as a slave display or message center with SCADA, DCS or PLC, and it can be used as a controller or paperless recorder. It can also monitor and control up to five isolated parameters (independently assigned to control a process). As a counter, it accepts more than 15 digital signals, such as time, event, frequency, ratio, up/down, TTL/COMS or HV. As a digital panel meter (DPM), it accepts more than 30 standard analog signals, including 100% 4-20 mA loop power and V/A ac/dc from mV to 5A (CT), RTD, TC, S-G and more. The UPM also includes many math functions (+, - , x, %, SR, log, anti-log, polynomials, X-Y tables and more). As a remote display/controller for process automation (PA), it accepts USB, RS485 and Ethernet, and if relays or analog output are included, it performs as a controller for ADS/DCS/SCADA or as a standalone unit. 

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Operator Interface Hardware
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Panel Displays & Meters