CyboSoft Flare Control System Design Guide

CyboSoft’s Flare Control System Design Guide aims to help refineries and petrochemical plants meet EPA regulations on flare operations.

The Design Guide includes the following: (1) EPA rules and enforcement actions, (2) Key limits and formulas, (3) Challenges for compliance, (4) Review of control methods, (5) Vent gas heating value and combustion zone heating value control, (6) Assisted steam control, (7) Assisted air control, (8) Net heating value dilution parameter control, (9) Technical approaches, and (10) Recommendations.

The Design Guide is in an easy-to-understand format with graphics, drawings, control trends, comparison tables, etc. It is useful for environmental and control engineers to design flare processes and control systems to meet RSR rules, and can be downloaded from CyboSoft’s website at

CyboSoft Flare Control System Design Guide
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