Phoenix Contact MACX MCR-VDC transducer

MACX MCR-VDC transducer has a user-friendly programming interface, optional push-in connection technology, and the same footprint and technical capabilities as the obsolete MCR-VDC-UI-B-DC transducer, with selectable analog outputs from 2-10 V/4-20 mA (unipolar) or ±10 V/0 to ±20 mA (bipolar). An optional teach-in function simplifies zero/span adjustments, and the new series can operate between -25 and 60° C, up from 50°C on the obsolete module. Use it to spot maintenance issues and to ensure continuous and reliable operation of any DC system between 0 and 660 VDC.

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Phoenix Contact MACX MCR VDC transducer
Measurement & Sensing
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