Wzzard HVAC/compressor monitoring starter kit

B+B SmartWorx powered by Advantech's new Wzzard HVAC/compressor monitoring starter kit aims to provide a non-intrusive solution for monitoring current and differential temperature on equipment without disrupting existing operations.

The new product enables the user to see the run time, duty cycle and output effectiveness of each unit, and allows users to maximize uptime and eliminate problems before they cause failures impacting the bottom line.

Starter kit  features include:

  • Monitor inlet and outlet temperatures to identify failing systems
  • Monitor compressor and fan current to monitor duty cycle and trends
  • Easily scale to up to 32 HVAC units per gateway
  • Wzzard node is IP67 indoor/outdoor rated
  • Comes complete with sensors and built-in dashboard software

To learn more about Wzzard, visit http://advantech-bb.com/product-technology/iot-and-network-edge-platforms/wireless-sensing-solutions/.

Wzzard HVAC compressor monitoring starter kit
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