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Resource guide: Augmented and virtual reality

Aug. 22, 2019
Control's monthly guide brings you invaluable industry information to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments.

Getting started with AR paper

This seven-page whitepaper, "Getting started with industrial augmented reality solutions" by PTC, covers details the six critical steps that will guide project owners through getting started with industrial AR. It show how to identify the most compelling business case; generate quick, visible wins using a phased implementation; deliver optimal frontline user experience; and save significant time and costs for your organization. 


Metal casting with AR and VR

This seven-minute video, "Italpresse Gauss delivers innovative maintenance service with Aveva," shows how the Italy-based manufacturer embedded Aveva's AR/VR software in its light metal castings solutions to develop its AMe tool; applied digital twin technology in the real world; and enabled its customers to do maintenance activities with greater effectiveness. This solution is a mobile offering that relies on the IIoT, VR and AR to deliver maintenance-as-a-service.


Industrial SCADA with AR

This 5.5-minute video, "Augmented reality and industrial SCADA systems" by Dave Spencer of VTScada, demonstrates how SCADA status updates, alarms, trends other data can "hover" over displays of physical equipment by using a Microsoft HoloLens and VTScada software. It also covers how AR may transform the roles of plant operators and managers in the near future.

VTScada by Trihedral

VR and 3D modeling in automation

This five-minute video, "Virtual reality and 3D modeling in automation controls" by Cristobal Rivera of system integrator Avid Solutions covers the basic concepts, uses and benefits of using virtual reality (VR) and 3D modeling in automation projects. It show how VR can reduce design steps, improve communications, and be used for virtual commissioning, too.

Avid Solutions

AR for Industry 4.0 and buildings

This 2.3-minute video, "Augmented reality in use for industry 4.0 and building technology," covers how AR facilitates processes in industrial automation and building automation and forms the basis for digitalization. It reports that AR systems can be used in facility management, as well as in in-house tool shops for optimizing processes and reducing error rates. In in-house tool shops, networking of all machines and tools in production can reduce the setup times of injection molding systems. It shows how every workspace can offers access to tool data and databases with animations and 3D models on every tool. 

Phoenix Contact

History and future of AR/VR

This almost 20-minute video, "Calm technology and the future of AR" by Amber Case, research fellow at the MIT Media Lab, covers "calm technology" and puts many of the big issues surrounding AR/VR in context. 

AR in Action 

Mixed reality for battery assembly 

This 2.5-minute video, "BAE Systems leverages the power of mixed reality with Microsoft and PTC," shows how BAE Systems used PTC’s Vuforia Studio software to easily create interactive mixed reality experiences for HoloLens in hours and at one tenth of the usual cost. Using these guided step-by-step work instructions first-line workers were able to assemble battery cells in less time, and BAE was able to train new people 30-40% more efficiently.


Industrial panel discussion

This 24-minute video, "AR industrial panel" is part of the AR in Action video series that convenes the top minds in the AR ecosystem to accelerate conversation and collaboration among industry innovators, thought leaders, investors and corporations, who are looking at real-world implementations of AR. 

AR in Action

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