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Data Collection and Optimization Resources

Sept. 16, 2008
Control Editors Have Pulled Together Additional Data Collection and Optimization Online Resources. Check Them Out!

Typical Process Control Problems

George Buckbee, marketing and product development VP at Expertune Inc., says several problems usually are found when users examine their process applications to implement data collection and optimization updates.

  • Undersized control valves and other equipment
  • Failed or nearly failed instruments or other equipment
  • Too widely fluctuating process oscillations or interactions following equipment upsets, which can increase wear and tear and product quality problems
  • Chronic mechanical issues with valves or other components
  • Control system configuration and strategy issues that can cause instability, poor interactions, and adversely affect production efficiency, resource use and final quality
  • Controller algorithm errors by programmers and tuning problems by operators    

Common Data Collection Tools

George Buckbee, marketing and product development VP at Expertune Inc., reports there are several main types of mostly software-based data collection tools that users can employ to improve their process applications.

  • General statistical packages used to perform calculations on measurements
  • Control-loop monitoring or performance supervision software that analyze data and present results
  • Alarm management solutions that examine all alerts and now prioritize then for users
  • Modeling and simulation tools that duplicate process behaviors, and help users continuously track process performance
  • Merged versions of these first four tool types, such as combining loop-monitoring and alarm functions

Presentations and Case Studies

CFE Valle de Mexico uses Yokogawa’s Exaquantum, DX and MW100 for pre- performance.

A Case Study of East Kansas Agri-Energy’s (EKAE) Application of Advanced Process Control in an Ethanol Dry Mill Process

National Grid
National Grid Uses OSIsoft and SmartSignal via Transpara-enabled display to monitor gas and electric services

Real-Time Performance Measurement Improves Operations of Sasol Plants

Arkemas Chemicals
Arkema Chemicals achieves ROI with OSIsoft’s PI System

Jura Cement’s Hat-Trick
Jura Cement’s Wildegg plant partners with ABB Switzerland to implement model-predictive control (MPC)

Other Artciles

Control Performance Supervision Enhances Revamp and upgraded ethylene cracker achieves targeted production rates in record time at Borealis Polymers Oy

OPC for Process Historian Data Optimization
OPC not only provides a standardized mechanism for collection of real time process data, it also enables multi-vendor historical analysis solutions that help maximize return on process history investments.

Bela Liptak's Seven-Part Series on Distillation Control and Optimization MMA Oinclude ARC Podcast and Futurecast on Calibration sponsored by Martel)

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