Ruggedized keyboard is rated NEMA 4X

April 9, 2007
CONTROL gives you a whole department full of tasty new products and services. This month, we introduce a new and eminently useful ruggedized keyboard from iKey suitable for washdown environments.


PCs are proliferating in process plants for real-time control, data acquisition and operator interface applications. The PC is generally protected by installation in a NEMA-rated enclosure, but PC display and input devices usually need to be mounted outside the enclosure for convenient operator access.
The iKey Model SL-86-911-TP keyboard is constructed from industrial silicon rubber and is rated NEMA 4X, making it suitable for washdown environments. The keyboard is not qualified for use in hazardous environments.


Industrial-strength keyboard
The iKey SL-86-911-TP keyboard is made of silicon rubber and rated NEMA 4X, suitable for washdown environments.

It is 11.25 in. wide by 6.25 in. deep a nd is typically mounted into a flat surface or on a keyboard tray via threaded inserts. “Some of our customers like the flexibility of keeping the keyboard loose on a tray so they can pull it into their laps when needed or tuck it away when not needed,” says Joel East, responsible for technical design at iKey. 

It connects to the PC via a standard PS/2 or USB interface. Custom connectors are available, and wireless connection may be a future option.

The keyboard taps offers five levels of backlighting for easy viewing in dim lighting and contains standard alphanumeric keys and a one-touch emergency key. Custom legends are available for the 12 function keys. All keys have tactile feedback through mechanical snap action.

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