ARC Informatique Partners with Canary Labs

Oct. 22, 2013
Historian software offered bundled with PcVue’s HMI/SCADA for North America.

PcVue, a subsidiary of ARC Informatique and automation solution provider of award winning HMI/SCADA software, announces it will benefit from the signing of a worldwide OEM agreement between Canary Labs and its parent ARC Informatique.  For North America, PcVue will now make Canary Labs’ Historian software available as part of its PcVue Solutions offered directly or through its distribution channels.

PcVue, one of the only vendor-neutral, customer driven HMI/SCADA solutions on the market today, integrates with Canary Labs’ Historian and leverages its ability to obtain data from many disparate data sources.  This means that bundling the historian software with high-performance HMI/SCADA will further lower a customer’s total cost of ownership, increase productivity and enhance scalability and performance.

PcVue Solutions delivers a suite of software and hardware products for displaying, controlling, managing and analyzing the information from a wide range of applications including building automation, water and wastewater, transportation, PV solar, renewable energy, wind farms, oil & gas, electric power generation; as well as such process industries such as chemical, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical and food processing.

"We are delighted to partner with a recognized leader in historian software and to deliver the supplementary value our complementary bundled products bring to the marketplace, said Pierre Bailliencourt, president of PcVue. "We are thrilled about the additional opportunities this relationship brings for our channels and added value for our customers."