Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7/Open OS

Oct. 22, 2010
Enhance your current control system with SIMATIC PCS 7/Open OS

SIMATIC PCS 7/Open OS is an open operator system (OS) migration platform that can help you or your systems integrator develop an OS migration solution for your current legacy system. PCS 7/Open OS uses the popular OPC protocol to communicate with your legacy system.

PCS 7/Open OS is built on PCS 7 HMI platform (OS) helping you:

  • maximize the life-cycle of your current controller
  • better manage your automation system upgrade
  • access the capabilities of a modern HMI

The components provided in the Open OS product have also been used to develop Siemens other migration products such as:

  • PCS 7/APACS+ OS (PCS 7 OS with APACS+ controllers)
  • PCS 7/90 OS (PCS 7 OS with Bailey INFI 90 and Net 90 controllers)
  • PCS 7/505 OS (PCS 7 OS with 505 controllers)