R. Stahl's EtherNet/IP-compliant operator interface

March 10, 2006
EtherNet/IP-compliant operating system for hazardous areas
Operator InterfaceEtherNet/IP-compliant operator interface for hazardous areas has proprietary visualization software for tasks up to simple process visualization. The system supports the new communication standard and is available both for hazardous and for industrial areas. EtherNet/IP, the Ethernet Industrial Protocol, is an open network standard for industrial applications covering communication components, PC interface cards, hubs and switches as well as cable and plug media. The protocol was developed to meet the great demand for uniform communication applications based on Ethernet technology for machine controls, robots and process controls used in automation. A particular feature of EtherNet/IP is that it ensures inter-operability of control technology from different suppliers. Thus, it represents a flexible and comfortable communication solution for heterogeneous networks in particular.