Otek's Switchboard LED Bargraph

March 6, 2006
Tricolor bargraph features LCD, LED display and serial I/O
Automatic Switchboard Bargraph
SEB (Switchboard LED Bargraph) features both LCD or LED display and serial I/O. The unit is available as an indicator only (no outputs), or V/mA or serial input (as a remote display), or as an indicator/controller with outputs such as relays (4), analog out (4-20 or 0-5V), RS232, 485, USB, or Ethernet and any power input from 5-32VDC or 90-265VAC. As an indicator only, the unit is only 1 in. on the front panel with no depth behind, other than the Euro style screw connector. Zero and span is done with two front panel potentiometers and configuration via the RS232 RJ11 port under the display. For the controller version, a 2-in. deep module is plugged in the unit behind the panel. This module contains the relays, analog outputs, RS232, 485, USB and Ethernet interface as well as power supplies. Standard input signals are V/mADC including current loop. Options for any signal (TC, RTD, S-G, RMS, pH, or %RH) are available. The bargraph offers Data Logging capabilities with MMC (Multi-Media Memory Card) for up to 1GB capacity. Mil-spec, nuclear, hazardous and industrial grade are available.