Camera detection and image processing platform

Feb. 5, 2024

Flir IIS camera platform and imaging software includes Spinnaker 4 GeniCam3 API library for machine vision developers to evaluate, test and deploy products quickly. It enables fast camera detection and image processing, while its performance testing, included operating imaging systems with 40 GigE cameras continuously for multiple days at a time, and resulted in no incomplete images. Flawless image capture is maintained, even when pushing system CPU usage to more than 90% due to intensive image processing and multiple background applications. Likewise, Flir IIS’s camera platform, Forge, uses Spinnaker’s software architecture, and is available in a variety of camera models across multiple sensors. Forge is designed to easily build imaging systems mor quickly. It offers flexible link speeds, as well as the ability to go beyond 5GigE performance and control data transfer to the host.

Teledyne Technologies