Voices: Ian Verhappen

Why aren't there more wireless weighing systems?

What may appear to be a “perfect fit” for a technology is not necessarily always so.

By Ian Verhappen
Jun 20, 2019

Weighing systems tend to be installed in difficult to reach locations, such as underneath truck unloading systems, on beams supporting vessels, below conveyor belts, etc. And these locations are also often widely dispersed. For these reasons, a weighing system needs to be simple, small and reliable. Strain gauges are simple, relatively low-cost, reliable and robust, making them one of the most commonly used technologies in weighing systems. Strain gauges change resistance, with the typical range being between 30 ohms and 3,000 ohms. However, resistance is not a very useful form of measurement, at least not directly, especially as it can change with temperature. So, it's typically converted to voltage or current.

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